Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Virtual University Library Project - part 3

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Recently, I have been working a lot on my project. My intention was to port the models to Unreal Engine 4 so the project could step into the next phase. Finally, I have finished working on the prototype. If I had VR glasses I would try them on to take a look around the library.

The virtual environment is very simple; it lacks a lot of objects, for example, fences, counter, stairs, paintings, frescos, texturing, and so on. I am going to build new elements step by step and replace the old things with new and better ones. I will use Substance Painter and Substance Designer, which are perfect software for creating realistic textures for video games.

Below, you can see the first test of my project; it didn't have any building elements, but the healthy, fresh and open air:

This is the second test with simple building elements:

This is the link of the video containing brief information about my project.

I think there are still a lot of tasks ahead of me, which will take a lot of time because I don't want to do a sloppy work. But Unreal Engine 4 is an amazing software; it makes the whole process a lot easier, and essentially, it makes my life better.

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