Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Now, how could libraries eliminate Hungarian poverty efficiently?

With special regard to the situation of the newest professions

Source: http://listsurge.com/top-15-reasons-education-important/
The situation is that we don't have an excellent educational system in Hungary, and this is an understatement. But how did we get here? Honestly, I don't know, but we should look to the future. Some of the newest, modern professions aren't taught in schools and universities. Naturally, programming education exists in elementary and high schools, but it is not efficient enough for it to be able to catch up to the labour market. In spite of having a lot of good programmers and information scientists, there is a large shortage in Hungary's labour market. Most of the well-educated experts are leaving our country to get better-paid jobs.

Why are the newest professions important?

Because they help the underprivileged to break out of poverty. These people can get good jobs with high salaries in the industry of, for example, programming and 3D graphics arts. It's possible in Hungary, especially for programmers. They have a very good advantage which is the fact that they don't need a degree to find a good job. Their knowledge is the only thing that matters. And a great portfolio to show their future employers, too, of course.

Generally, this is not mentioned in Hungarian library education, and most of Hungary's librarians don't really realize that these professions (especially that of CGI) are very important. The computer system and equipments of libraries show their attitude; they haven't got any software for users to be able to practice on, for example. There are a lot of books about programming in their stock, but there is a great lack of CGI books: most of these aren't imported to Hungary, aren't translated for Hungarians, and are very expensive. However, the library and information science departments of universities outside the capital – those of Szeged and Debrecen, for instance – are aware of the importance of programming, so they teach its basics to students majoring in libarian sciences.

What should librarians do?

I'm not an educational expert, but I know some things. I think librarians should apply for fundings to be able to buy relevant coursebooks and to develop a modern computer infrastructure which contains software with educational licenses. A lot of people cannot afford buying new computers with expensive software, and this opportunity could be very helpful for them in their ambition to become programmers or CGI artists. It's one of the libraries' social obligations because they say they struggle against poverty to help the underprivileged acquire useful skills. These students could make their way out of indigence with the help of these well-paid professions. Lots of people would be willing to study autodidactically, and libraries should give them the opportunity to do so by providing them with up-to-date instruments and a place to practice.

Why is this important and lucrative? Because evolution requires it, we live in an information society, everybody wants to develop software and multimedia applications, and more and more new jobs come into existence that require special computing skills. Therefore, librarians have to keep an eye on international trends and adjust to them.

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