Saturday, April 2, 2016


Hello, Everyone! Let me introduce myself.

My name is János Császár from Hungary. I work in the field of library and information science and I'm an enthusiast for 3D computer graphics arts, too. I graduated at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. The reason that I created my blog is that I want to tell you about some of my works, and also my opinion on the newest technologies in the world, for example, on 3D computer graphics, video games, social media, Internet safety, sciences, education, modern libraries, and the connection between these. I wrote about most of these topics in my theses. For a simpler navigation, I've created some main categories to divide the aforementioned subjects, so if you want to read about CGI, for instance, you should look for the adequate topic on the right-hand side, or if you wish to find some articles in connection with libraries, you can find them on the same side in the appropriate category.

My blog posts won't be too long for an easy reading and to not waste your time. I promise.

I hope you'll consider my blog useful. And if you want to contact me, please write comments or e-mail me! Have a good reading!

János Császár
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