Sunday, April 10, 2016

Space computing

The next milestone after cloud computing?


An interesting vision of a new type of data storage option came to my mind. I think this could be the next milestone after cloud services, extended beyond the clouds, to space.

This would be called space data storage or "space computing" after the cloud computing model. Its essence lies in the fact that a separate space data center or space data stations would actually circle in space, around Earth with skilled staff guarding and managing the data. This would mean a big difference compared to cloud-based services operating in server parks on Earth. The benefits of space computing would be enormous, because stored data would much less be exposed to the negative effects of Earth, for example, most of natural disasters, not to mention the deliberate destructions. Of course, this would not mean that information could only be stored in space: there would be copies stored in several places, in stations on Earth. I do not claim that this doesn't have any disadvantages; there is a high chance that such data would not be able to resist to the effects in space, such as solar flares, collision with other satellites or space debris, and software malfunctions or network connection problems could also happen due to human error. I assume this service would gradually become a reality in the near future, perhaps in the 2020's. First, the most important data for humanity would be transported into space, and later, as the speed of telecommunications data transmission fastens, the method would become more widespread. For me, it is evident that this development requires that our data be stored beyond the clouds.

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